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Shelter in Place Events!

September 9, 2023

Shelter in place is where we provide for all of the homeless in the local area. We make the deliveries and give out fresh produce, snacks, and toiletry supplies to homeless shelters. A very special thank you to a major sponsor, Campbell Soup - Kettle Snacks.

Next event will be September 30, 2023

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Exciting Activities You’ll Love

Farm 3
Farm 1

U Pick

Save on grocery store prices by picking your own produce. We will weight it and you pay it. Typically, 20% - 30% cheaper than your grocery store prices.

Mobile Garden

Each week during the summer, we will select one organization's location to deliver fresh produce to a few dozen families. The event is at a different location weekly on Saturdays between 8 AM - 10 AM. Make a reservation for your location one Saturday in August or September.

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